Q&A of Laser TV

Q&A of Laser TV

Q&A of Laser TV

Q:Children are curious about TV at home. They are easy to watch the light source of laser TV. Is it harmful to their eyes?

A: Does Laser TV hurt Eyes? The Laser light source is Class II, safe level. And the laser TV has self protection function, the light darkens when people are detected approaching. In addition, the laser is just a light source, which is converted inside the machine. The light emitted by the lens has become fluorescent.

Q: Can the laser TV host move back and forth to change the screen size?

A: In essence, laser TV is an ultra short throw projector, which can move back and forth in a small range to change the size of the picture. However, laser TV is a fixed focus projector with a small moving range. It is not recommended to change the projection size recommended by the manufacturer. Di?erent manufacturers’ products have di?erent moving ranges. Hisense’s laser TV is fixed in focus, with a very small moving range of no more than 10 inches. Other brands, such as Appotronics, Xiaomi, XGIMI, vava and other laser TV, can move the machine within the picture range of 80-120 inches. But a?er the size of the picture changes, the brightness of the picture will also change at the same time, because the total lumen of projection is certain.

Q: Generally, the picture size of laser TV is very large, generally around 100 inches. How far is it suitable to watch it?

A: What is the Suitable Distance to Watch Laser TV? The reasonable viewing distance is 3.5m ~ 5m. In our concept, a 50 inch TV should be watched over 3 meters. Why is the laser TV so big and nearly the same distance? It is mainly because the LCD TV is too bright for close viewing, while the laser TV is relatively comfortable in brightness, so it can be viewed in a short distance with better e ect.

Q: Pets or children may accidentally touch the machine, resulting in screen deviation. Is there any way to fix the machine?

A: To solve this problem, the following three solutions are recommended:

· first, place four rubber pads under the host foot during installation, which can be adsorbed on your TV cabinet and not easy to move;

· second, select a special laser TV cabinet, and put the laser TV host in the TV cabinet , which will not be touched, the laser TV cabinet will automatically turn on and o , synchronized with the switch of the laser TV;

· third, if you are still worried, you can choose hoisting, which is also very convenient.

Hoisting the Laser TV

Q: Is laser TV just a projector?

A: Top Home Theater, Starting with Laser TV. Laser TV is not only an ultra short throw projector, but also equipped with a special anti light screen, built-in excellent audio and multimedia player, and free of wiring installation. In the use scene, it is more like a TV.

Placement, usage habits, laser TV is more like a TV

Q: The laser TV screen reflects light on the ceiling, especially at night. Is there any way to solve this problem?

A: In fact, there are two kinds of special screens for laser TV, one is the Fresnel Screen recommended by the manufacturer, with the best picture e ect, but reflected light on the ceiling; the other is the Black Grid screen preferred by customers, although the picture brightness is reduced a little, but it is not reflected light on the ceiling. You need to choose the right laser TV screen according to your preference.

Why Need Projection Screen?

Should laser TV choose a Black Grid Screen or a Fresnel Screen?

A black grid screen with background light. It’s not reflected on the screen, but the background light

Q: The size of the TV cabinet is not suitable. It is too narrow. Is there any way to solve it?

A: Similar to the machine is easy to move, there are three ways: 1. Replace it with a TV cabinet of appropriate size, or directly replace it with a special TV cabinet for laser TV; 2. You can also hoist the laser TV; 3. Install a movable board on the existing TV cabinet, which can automatically expand and contract like the special TV cabinet.

Q: The laser TV has a built-in sound. Is the e ect good? Can it connect to a better external sound system?

A: Most of the laser TV sound e ects are very good, much better than ordinary TV, supporting Dolby sound e ect, and even Dolby Atmos sound. The loudspeakers used are famous brand, such as Appotronics and Xiaomi use Bose, XGIMI and VAVA use Harman Kardon, etc. Of course, the audio system can be connected externally. Please refer to the following instructions:

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